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BETTING TIP: Great Britain – Canada 11/5 “Can David stand up to Goliath?”

BETTING TIP: Great Britain – Canada 11/5 “Can David stand up to Goliath?”

We return to the Hockey WC and the meeting between Great Britain and Canada. A premier match between the two teams and a David vs Goliath match before that. Great Britain is a hockey nation, as everyone knows, and will not sigh against the giants of Canada. However, a first game is always a first game, and Canada probably won't go here. Additionally, there are more differences each year between blueberry nations and major hockey nations. So I focus on the underplay and hope that Great Britain can fight back.


Great Britain, as I said, is a small hockey country, however, it is getting better every year. In the last World Cup, they actually took 1 point when they drew against Norway. Against big teams Finland and Sweden, they lost both matches 6-0. Great Britain's aim is of course to try not to finish last in the group, and it's not against teams like Canada that you score points. However, I still think that Great Britain will fight and they must fight against the giant.


Canada is one of the teams that can win gold as usual. However, I don't think this year's team is particularly notable for being Canada. They have a young squad where the super talented Connor Benard stands out. In their last pre-tournament match, they beat Hungary 4-0. Canada is usually too tired at the start of matches, only to switch gears. I don't think you're going to go all out in this first game, and I don't think we'll see any astronomical numbers.

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Game tips

Canada will definitely win this match and I think they won't concede any goals. Britain will struggle and try to appease its own target. My betting tip in this match is under 8 goals with odds of 1.89 times odds. So if there are exactly 8 targets, the money will be refunded.

Good luck!