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Britain’s Ben Wallace hopes the NATO issue will be resolved by June

Defense Minister Ben Wallace sees the NATO summit in Madrid on June 28-30 as crucial as Finland and Sweden want to join the Security Alliance.

– I’m optimistic. I think we have an agreement for the summit, he says.

The DN meets with him in connection with a press conference after a two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels.

Britain will pull its weight on the membership issue with Ben Wallace leaving for Turkey on Monday to meet with Defense Minister Hulusi Agar.

– I talk a lot with my partner. As a former Minister of Defense and Intelligence, I now understand that Turkey wants to be recognized for its security threats to its territory, with a full focus on Northern Europe.

Says Ben Wallace He talks a lot with the defense ministers in Finland and Sweden.

– I think we can all talk to Turkey and show what Finland and Sweden are doing and what they have already done.

He recalled that Turkey had previously had views on how NATO was shaping itself in relation to terrorism. The same thing is still happening.

– In these big moments, I think people are trying to relate to their own concerns. Ben Wallace says it’s our job to answer them.

In early June, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace met with his Nordic colleagues in Reykjavிக்k, such as Sweden's Peter Hultquist.

In early June, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace met with his Nordic colleagues in Reykjavிக்k, such as Sweden’s Peter Hultquist.

Photo: Tim Hammond / No10 Downing Street

The defense minister added that he was aware that Sweden and Finland had done just that.

Wallace thinks It is important to note that Finland and Sweden soon became members of NATO and now have “speed”.

– Presidents, prime ministers, allies, his own advisers – everyone warned Putin – if you continue with the strategy from 2014 (when Russia annexed Crimea) you will instead get more NATO and increase defense investment. The money came and went in Sweden and Finland, and he gets exactly what he warned. Can’t blame anyone but himself. I think it’s important that we do not lose momentum, says Ben Wallace.

General Jens Stoltenberg is not clear about the schedule.

– I am careful in making predictions. When many countries are involved, a solution is hard to guess. But Stoltenberg says we are working with the goal of finding a solution as soon as possible.

He insists that NATO Appreciates the support of many allied countries such as the UK and their functioning at various levels.

– My staff are in touch with Ankara and Stockholm and Helsinki.

Jens Stoltenberg spoke with Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and the country’s Foreign Minister on Wednesday. Stoltenberg has also spoken with President Erdogan.

– We work very actively with many actors because we want a quick fix, says the General Secretary.

The NATO summit in Madrid is not really about Finland and Sweden’s members. Instead, a new strategic plan will be drawn up for the Defense Alliance, which has been classified as a partner since 2010.

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