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Så mycket kostar prenumeration på tillval hos Audi

This is how much an optional Audi subscription costs

With a mobile app, you can now get an optional subscription to your new Audi. Now there are many functions in the program and they can be turned on and off.

Many car manufacturers are starting to offer options on their cars as rental at a monthly cost. Among the car brands that launched “functions on demand” Audi – among others, the e-tron electric car and the new generation Audi A6.

Previously, it was only possible to purchase options related to ordering a car. But since many functions are now in the software, they can be turned on and off for the pusher. For example, you can buy stronger headlights for a winter trip to the mountains – the car already has headlights already, but the user pays for the opportunity to open them, We car owners write.

It also allows anyone buying a used car to unlock features that were not included when ordering the car. Audi owners have to pay ten kroner to test a job for a month by opening it through an app, after which an optional subscription for their Audis costs differently depending on the purpose of something.

The navigation system, for example, costs 620 SEK per month. Not all features are available in all cars. Other car brands also have similar systems, such as BMW and Tesla, according to Vi Bilägare.

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