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The vaccine is forcibly spread - but not in Sweden

The vaccine is forcibly spread – but not in Sweden

France, Australia, Great Britain, Greece, Italy. The list of countries where the Govt-19 vaccine should now work in health and care is getting longer every day. Other countries go even further – for example, in Fiji and Saudi Arabia, the need for the vaccine applies to anyone who wants to go to work.

– This would certainly be limited, says Bjன்rn Ronerstrand, a political science researcher at the University of Gothenburg.

– We have already seen that the freedom of movement of people during epidemics is restricted. Vaccination is really a way to fix it.

In Sweden, all types of vaccines are available on a voluntary basis. However, in a SOM survey in 2018, a clear majority said they were in favor of a compulsory general immunization program for children. According to Ronerstrand, this is mainly the elderly and those who read a lot of newspapers in support of coercion.

– Support was low among those who did not trust health workers. I think this is an important factor when it comes to vaccination.

Historical protests

In France, for example, train travel, cinema and restaurant visits require vaccination certificates from August, among other things, the vaccine suspicion is historically high. Ronerstrand argues that the introduction of severe vaccine requirements in such a country is confusing.

– This type of duty is required especially in countries where there is less confidence in health and institutions. But at the same time with the demands, the risks of optimism are even lower.

Tough demands react by kicking back the biggest opponents, Ronerstrand believes. Historically, vaccine claims have provoked emotions. In the early 19th century, the compulsory measles vaccine provoked discontent in many camps, especially among groups outside the community. In Britain, for example, thousands of anti-vaccine protesters took to the streets.

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Volunteering and transparency

According to Runnerstrand, coercive measures may have consequences for people wanting to make other efforts to control the spread of the disease.

– But depending on the approach to Govt-19, the compulsion will definitely be effective. For example, we have seen many booked vaccination times since the French vaccination rules were announced.