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Formula 1 2021 the new format in the UK it is how it works

Formula 1 2021 the new format in the UK it is how it works

After the weekend break, Formula 1 is back with the England Grand Prix. This will be the first time you’ve tested a completely new qualification design with the “F1 Sprint”, which will overtake the rest of the system.

This weekend Grand Prix, which is a test, starts with an hour of training on Friday. Later in the day, the qualification is operated according to the previous design, with the difference that drivers are only allowed to operate the soft tire combination. It also removes the rule that the top 10 drivers must start racing on the tires that set their best time in Q2.

Saturday begins with another workout, an hour before the time for the new sprint. It is a short race with one-third of the regular racing distance, which means 17 laps at Silverstone. The first three will be awarded three, two and one championship points each, with the final result determining the starting point for Sunday’s race. It runs as usual.

Cut: “Confused”

Formula 1 full GPS This format is a way to try to make the weekends even more exciting. However, it has already received reviews from some of the game’s biggest profiles.

– This will probably only be a train of cars. Lewis Hamilton says it wasn’t so much fun then.

Many drivers have responded that instead of being the first to qualify, this weekend will be awarded to the driver who wins the pole position sprint.

– It’s confusing. If we only drive this once, it will not do much harm. But say we have Sprint ten times next year. I think it feels weird. Sebastian Vettel tells a news conference before the weekend that a person who is fast on one lap should go to the polar position.

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Former world champion Nico Rosberg supports him on Twitter:

“This is not the right decision. The pole must go 100% faster than the one that qualifies. It will massacre all the figures we have historically in Formula 1,” he writes.

However, Formula 1 CEO Rose Brann supports the decision.

– I talked to the FIA ​​about this. We think the pole should go to the person who starts the race first.

Weekly course

Storbitronians Grand Prix

Trail Type: Formula 1 has been operating on Silverstone since 1948. The song is unusually flat as it was built in the old airport.

Track record: 1: 27,097 (Max Verstappen, 2020)

Top Three Recent (2020):

1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull

2. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

3. Valteri Botas, Mercedes