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The United States in the UN Security Council: The truth cannot be overruled

The United States in the UN Security Council: The truth cannot be overruled

Eleven countries in the UN Security Council voted in favor of the resolution “strongly” condemning the Russian invasion. China, India and the United Arab Emirates abstained.

At the last minute, language adjustments were made in two places of the resolution, with the word “condemn” changed to “sorry”, which should have prevented another country from voting against the resolution.

The United States knew Russia would veto the resolution, so the vote was symbolic but not significant.

The purpose of the vote It was to show that Russia is isolated in world politics and that the United States has succeeded in making this happen.

US President Joe Biden said earlier on Friday that Russia had failed to divide the West.

At the same time, fewer countries voted in favor of the resolution now than in 2014, when 13 countries voted in favor of a similar resolution after Russia illegally annexed Crimea.

The fact that India did not want to be behind the decision was a diplomatic defeat for the United States.

during negotiations US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield noted that the Russian invasion was historic.

“Another country has invaded. Russia is the aggressor. There is no gray area here.”

According to Reuters, UN diplomats have discussed the possibility of a vote in the UN General Assembly, where 193 countries are sitting, already over the weekend.

Ove Bring, a Swedish company Leading international law experts said in a previous interview with DN this week that it is Uncertain whether the decision will be relevant If he does not receive consolidated support.

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– Such a decision would not be very strong. It is not a universal choice that can be effective. Therefore, I do not think that the United Nations can contribute practically anything to the Ukrainian crisis. There will be a lot of talk and a small workshop, Pring said.

“Impressive, but not surprising,” EU Ambassador to the United Nations Olof Skoog said of the Russian veto.

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