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The UK wants to send asylum seekers to the Isle of Man, Ascension or Gibraltar

Let the British tradition of providing political asylum to war survivors and political and religious persecution be relatively open to immigration. The Boris Johnson government has used Australia as a model of immigration policy, with its controversial detention centers on the island of Nuru and the island of Manus (Papua New Guinea, already closed).

London is considering “displacing” asylum seekers, as well as sending as many British colonies in the middle of the Atlantic as possible, such as Ascension Island (6,800 km), or Tristan da Cunha (approximately 10,000 km). The most distant corners of the rest of the empire. However, the obvious logistical issues made him look for closer and more realistic options such as Gibraltar, the Hebrides and the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.

London’s goal is to prevent immigrants from crossing the English Channel

The effort is a reflection of the number of asylum seekers crossing the English Channel in small boats after Brexit. Since the United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU, you cannot return them to their place of landing (in most cases France), but you must obtain them legally and process your application in this country. Many end up in a large detention center near Heathrow Airport.

Taking into account the results of the Australian experience (two murders, ten suicides, two hundred times more mental problems than normal, and an average stay of seven years in camps, humanitarian organizations described Johnson’s intentions as brutal. But Home Minister Priti Patel said it was the opposite, “a humane and compassionate way of dealing with the problem is to encourage foreigners to seek asylum.
Will fall into the hands of thugs ”.

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Humanitarian organizations have said Johnson’s motives are atrocious

The British administration makes it clear that only asylum seekers on “illegal routes” (i.e. by sea, or staying aboard a ship, or hidden between the wheels of a ship) will be sent to the Isle of Man, Gibraltar or Scottish. Hebrides).

But just as the issue of “relocating” them in the middle of the Atlantic is logical, in close quarters it is political. The Prime Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, has expressed his surprise that the city has not been consulted on the matter and recalled that there would be “legal and constitutional considerations and geographical limitations” to take into account. Now that Madrid and London have agreed in principle on the future of the colony, setting up asylum seekers at the gates of La Lenia de la Concepcion does not seem like a good idea (a recent study on security objectives to increase nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons in response to a foreign attack on Gibraltar’s territorial waters .

The Prime Minister of the Isle of Man Howard Quill (a crown company that is not part of the United Kingdom, but “owned” by Queen Elizabeth, whose citizens hold British but own passports) publicly asked Johnson. Innocent, because she would never accept such nonsense. “After building a bridge or tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland, this is the biggest nonsense I have ever heard,” he says.

The Isle of Man (population 85,000) is a tax-free haven (excluding 10% of revenue), the world’s oldest continuously operating parliament, popular motorcycle races, the extinct Celtic language, space program and a type of tailless cat. Being the birthplace of the bee geese, they first migrated to Manchester and then to Australia. But they don’t want to know anything about a detention center.

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During the Victorian era Britain sent criminals to the penal colonies in antibodies. In the 21st century it will be very difficult to get rid of asylum seekers, even in the corner.