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Escape from British money is a challenge for Loomis

Escape from British money is a challenge for Loomis

Frederick Dilika, Account Manager at CHG-MERIDIAN.

With the right partner and financial solution for information technology devices, companies can reduce their costs, reduce workload and increase their security while becoming part of a consistent life cycle management. CHG-Meridian proves it with complete solutions for efficient technology management serving over 12,000 customers on a daily basis.

– Many of our customers have previously faced major challenges in managing their IT devices effectively. Along with funding, CHG-MERIDIAN’s Account Manager Frederick Tilica explains that they were able to provide them with a tailor’s solution to ease management while reducing their workload and becoming part of the circular solution.

CHG-MERIDIAN helps its customers manage technology equipment throughout its life cycle. It is a flexible solution where you can easily change, add or extend the rental period of the equipment.

– We help you plan and implement technology and pick it up when you no longer need it. We make sure the products get a second shelf life before recycling, thus guaranteeing the resale value to the customer, Frederic Tylica continues.

Join in creating a sustainable workplace of tomorrow

CHG-MERIDIAN’s life cycle model not only adds value to the customer, but also makes a significant difference to the environment.

– With our extensive experience in recycling and resale, we know what is needed to achieve good results for our customers and the environment. For those companies that want to work more actively for the environment, our newly launched financial solution CarbonJero is an alternative where the entire life cycle of customer-financed information technology devices is completely carbon neutral, says Friedrich Tilica.

Switching to rental settlement with CHG-MERIDIAN is easy

If as a company you already have an established relationship with one or more suppliers it is still entirely possible to switch to a financial solution designed with CHG-MERIDIAN.

-Because we are completely independent from suppliers and banks, we can completely customize our solutions to suit the needs of our customers. This allows the customer to choose which, or which suppliers are best suited for them, and then collect everything at a single monthly cost. Friedrich Tylica says you don’t have to engage with a specific supplier and can easily add or replace equipment you no longer need.

CHG-MERIDIAN also provides ISO-certified and secure data erasure, which meets information security requirements so that companies handling a lot of data can feel secure when switching their devices.

– We support our clients throughout the entire life cycle, planning for a project, first financing and late withdrawal, certified data erasure and standard re-marketing.

This way, they can upgrade their IT equipment in a secure manner at the best wholesale cost, concludes Friedrich Tylica.

Om CHG-Meridian

CHG-MERIDIAN helps customers reduce their workload and reduce costs and risks. Their services focus on the entire technology life cycle, with a focus on sustainability and the environment.

With over 1,200 employees in 28 countries, they provide consistent, fast and fully integrated services worldwide.


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