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Russia accuses of violating non-proliferation treaty | Europe Updated | D.W.

Russian Ambassador to London Andrei Kellin on Sunday (03/21/2021) accused the United Kingdom of violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons by 40%.

“This is a breach of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and a number of agreements that say there should only be a reduction in the number of warships,” the ambassador told LBC, a London-based radio station.

On March 16, the Conservative executive announced that, as part of its new foreign policy strategy, it would increase the maximum number of warships it owns to 260, without specifying the number it would store, compared to the previous 180 ceiling. And security.

In presenting the “Integrated Review” report, the government identified Russia as the “biggest threat” to UK security, while at the same time considering China as a threat, but also a trading partner. Kellin said today that the London document “refers to Russia as a fourteen-time serious threat,” but “there is no evidence or explanation for that formula.” (efe / reuters)