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Omigron will soon capture Sweden

“I really redrawed the pitch”

Omigron gains a huge grip on the world when it doubles in no time.

There is great concern that the new variant will affect important social functions – in Sweden as well.

– Professor Dow Fall says I would certainly not be surprised if we heard about the sharp increase in confirmed cases in the coming week. SVT: s Aktuellt.

The number of victims of Omigran is now doubling every day.

On Monday, our neighbors warned that the new variant would be dominant – with huge social consequences as a result.

Norway Currently the highest epidemic is in Europe and is expected to reach 300,000 cases a day.

In Denmark, Omigron is expected to be operational within 48 hours this week – in the UK.

“Expect soon”

In Sweden, too, there is growing concern about similar developments.

– Omikron has really redesigned the playing field during these epidemics due to the high infection and short doubling time. I am not surprised that this very high number has been reached, he says Dove Fall, Professor of Molecular Epidemiology at Uppsala University SVT: s Aktuellt Monday night.

That same evening, Norway introduced strict restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease before Christmas. In Sweden, too, Fred Foreland, the country’s director of epidemiology, hopes it will get worse soon.

– As we expect in Norway and Denmark, we can expect Omigron to acquire in the short term. About 40 per cent of cases in London are Omigron, and he tells Actuvelt.

Dow Fall believes Sweden can expect a similar outbreak soon. The virus does not behave differently in different countries, he says.

Infection is important

However, it is difficult to say at this time what the current weeks’ data will be.

– But I would certainly not be surprised to hear about the sharp increase in confirmed Omigran cases in the coming week.

Dove Fall.

It is not yet certain that the virus variant will be mild. But according to Dow Fall, the epidemic is absolutely crucial to how hard it will be for society.

– He says that if the virus gives half of the patients admitted to the hospital, with a doubling time of 2-3 days compared to the previous variant, the only thing that poses a lower risk to medical care is a delay of three days in load. Aktuellt and continues:

– So it washes off quickly. What to keep in mind with the rapid increase is that it can go very, very fast.

There may be more restrictions

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

In an email to Aftonbladet, the Swedish Public Health Agency wrote that they had no chance to answer the question on Monday evening.

But as the burden on health increases, we can count on restrictions, Dow Fall believes.

Many countries have recently shortened the time between the second and third dose. She thinks Sweden should see it too, especially those who work in health and social activities.

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– Because even though this variation is slightly mild, many people can get sick at the same time. If testing and infection monitoring is removed and many people become ill at the same time, there could be consequences for transportation and rescue services.