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Oatly is building a factory in the UK

Oatly is building a factory in the UK

Oatly announced building a plant in the United Kingdom, it was announced Tuesday. The plant will produce up to 450 million liters of oat milk annually and will be ready in 2023.

Swedish oatmeal producer Oatly continues its global expansion with significant investments in the United Kingdom.

The CEO of Oatly UK said: ‘The UK is a very important driver in the global plant-based business, with demand for Oatly increasing across the country and we are happy to supply this growing demand’ Ishin Baran To Reuters.

The Malmö-based company is building something new in Sweden. In 2023, the head office will move to Gjuteriet in Varvsstaden in Malmö, where it will lease around 4,600 sq.m.

To be listed on the United States Stock Exchange

Oatly has winds in the global market and has recently filed for an IPO in the US and started a collaboration with the Starbucks coffee chain, Dagens PS previously reported.

Otley, founded by the brothers Ricard And the Bjorn Osti, Is backed by, among others, the TV personality Oprah Winfrey And a rapper Jay-Z. It has been speculated that the valuation before listing is between 5 and 10 billion dollars, which is between 42 and 85 billion Swedish kronor.

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