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The UK calls on the UN to take action against China, Russia and Myanmar

The UK calls on the UN to take action against China, Russia and Myanmar

UK Secretary of State Dominic Robb addressed the UN Human Rights Council on Monday to take action against “legitimate” human rights violations in China, Myanmar, Russia and Belarus.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rob would say the situation in China’s Xinjiang province is “out of bounds.”, And abuses such as torture, forced labor and female contraception occur “on an industrial scale.”

UN The Foreign Ministry said in an email that Rob would ask the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to grant “emergency and unrestricted access” to Xinjiang.

UN The request comes as the UK rejoins the voting body of the Human Rights Council, which includes 47 member states.

Rob will also point out violations and abuses such as arbitrary detention and “severe” restrictions on freedom of expression in Myanmar. The foreign ministry said he would ask militants in the Southeast Asian country to stand aside and release civilian leaders.

As for Russia, Rob will refer to opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s “unqualified” treatment and warn that the country “does not comply with its international obligations.” It will also announce a “human rights crisis” in Belarus After President Alexander Lukashenko’s “brutal repression” of protesters.

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