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United Kingdom calls on UN to help tackle climate change

According to a report in Downing Street, Johnson plans to call a virtual meeting on climate and security to be hosted by the United Nations event, which will be led by the United Kingdom, which has a rotating presidency.

The British Conservative ruler will say that by helping vulnerable countries to adapt to climate change and reducing their global emissions to zero, we will not only protect the planet’s biodiversity but also its prosperity and security.

Johnson, the first British head of government to chair a UN Security Council meeting since his fellow cleric John Major did so in 1992, warns that the world runs the risk of suffering if urgent action is not taken, leading to severe displacement and increased insecurity.

Richard Attenborough, a well-known British nature activist and television presenter, will also call for concrete action to stop climate change.

If we see climate change and the loss of nature that threaten global security, perhaps we can act proportionately and in a timely manner, Attenborough warns before the body of China, France, Russia, and the Kingdom. United States and United States and 10 non-permanent members.

The environmental activist points out that the COP-26 summit on climate change in Glasgow, Scotland next November may be the last chance to reach the required consensus and save the planet.

As part of the interim chairmanship of the UN Security Council, the United Kingdom will chair a high-level meeting on climate and development on March 31 with the participation of representatives of vulnerable countries, donors and international organizations.

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