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The UK advises its citizens in Burma to leave the country

Madrid, 12 Mar. (Europa Press) –

As a result of “tensions” and “escalating levels of violence”, the UK government this Friday advised citizens in Burma to stay there “unless there is an urgent need”. February 1 Military coup.

In his travel announcement to London, he recalled that from that day on “the military has declared a state of emergency and taken control” and “members of the civilian government, civil society and a foreigner have been detained”.

“The military has ordered the Internet to be blocked overnight, several websites have been blocked, and there are reports of changes in the Internet and telephone networks,” he said, adding that “banks and ATMs are being taken out of service because access to money is increasingly difficult.”

“If you can not leave Burma at this time, it is recommended that you stay at home and in a safe place. If you have to leave your home for essential reasons, you should do it quickly and avoid crowds,” he stressed.

Finally, he explained that “the airport is open and there are some ‘aid’ planes available for those who want to leave Burma”, but he added that “the military has suspended military flights until May 31.” “You can book at most,” he advised.

Prior to the UN Human Rights Council and before the coup, the UN had accused Burma of committing crimes against humanity in a “brutal response to the protests.” The UK recommendation came a few hours after Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews.

The coup took place shortly before the new parliament took office, emerging from the November elections, in which the National League for Democracy (NLD), then ‘practical’ leader Aung San Suu Kyi, won a landslide victory. Among the fraud allegations of a party associated with the armed forces.

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Amid the waves of coup protests, dozens of deaths and hundreds of prisoners, amid international calls for the military to respect the right to protest and return power to civilian authorities.