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Harry and Megan’s popularity in the UK declines after the interview

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London (AFP)

Prince Harry and his wife, Megan, have become unfavorable to the British following an interview and racist allegations on US television, according to a poll released Friday.

For the first time, more Britons have a negative opinion of Enrique (48%), 36, the grandson of Elizabeth II, and a sixth in a row (four), according to a survey conducted by Yukov Institute of 1,664 adults. Five%).

For their part, 31% of respondents have a positive view of 39-year-old American actress Megan Markle and 58% view her negatively.

Instead, the data suggest that the revelations of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not diminished the reputation of the rest of the royal family, citing prolonged media pressure, racism and a lack of state support for ideas. Megan’s suicides are the reasons she left the monarchy.

In an interview with American TV star Oprah Winfrey, the couple mentioned conversations with an unidentified member of the royal family – who later noted that it was not the Queen or her 99-year-old husband Felipe – about the skin color of her children, and that Megan’s mother was black.

With 80% approval, Elizabeth II tops the list of British preferred royal personalities.

Prince William, brother of Henry and second in line, and his wife Catherine are also very popular, with three-quarters having positive comments.

Only Enrique and Guillermo’s father and heir to the crown, 72 – year – old Prince Charles, suffered a 6 – point increase in negative comments (up to 42%) and a 9 – point drop in positive comments (up to 49%).

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However, not everything is negative for the Dukes of Sussex, as in-depth analysis reveals a large disparity in the age of respondents: the British majority aged 18 to 24 are Prince Henry (59%) and Megan (55%).

But polls in the United States favored them, and the couple’s popularity soared after the interview, reaching 69% (+23 points) and 67% (+22 points), respectively.

It is one of the most admired members of the British royal family in the United States, surpassing even the Queen (65%), according to the Morning Consult.