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UK launches ‘Capsule Chambers’ to test for colon cancer

UK launches ‘Capsule Chambers’ to test for colon cancer

London, March 11 (EFE) .- British Health Organization (NHS) to test 11,000 patients from UKCapsule cameras«, The size of a tablet, its imaging technology to help detect Colon cancer in an hour.

Traditionally, patients have to go to the hospital for endoscopy and “Insert a hose”, With this new technology – called colonic capsular endoscopy – theyGo about your normal day and do checks from homeThe NHS announced in a statement.

The health system prioritized cancer during corona virus infections, and recent statistics show that hospitals have carried out “more than two cancer treatments for every patient treated for covia”.

According to the NHS, in December 2020 alone, more than 25,000 patients were treated for cancer, and more than 200,000 showed up for testing, 13,000 more than in the same month last year.

Therefore, NHS Managing Director Simon Stevens agreed that these “capsule cameras”, which take two pictures per second as they pass through a patient’s body, can help diagnose cancer and other conditions, such as Crohn’s disease “quickly and safely.”

In the same vein, NHS Cancer Medical Director Peter Johnson said the capsule stays in the body for “five to eight hours” and provides “gut images and information” directed to a recording device worn by the patient. Hip.

At University College London (UCLH) hospitals, the endoscopy team is already using an innovative tool that “enhances its diagnostic ability” and allows testing to be performed “in the patient’s home” and in a safe way.

In addition to these cameras, the NHS has invested $ 175 million in other cancer services, including “diagnostic equipment, endoscopy equipment and new MRI and CD scanners.” (I)

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