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The SAFER screening program is entering its final phase

The SAFER screening program is entering its final phase

More than a hundred health centers in England are being screened for atrial fibrillation at higher rates with Zenicor One as the SAFER trial enters its final phase. About 70% of participants have now been screened, and all screening is expected to be completed by spring 2024. A first preliminary analysis of the results is planned for July 2025.

The SAFER screening program is progressing according to the UK’s screening program and with good results. Already this summer, key funder the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) has assessed that results and progress are on schedule and the project can pass its last project checkpoint. Along with this, a funding extension was also granted, meaning that SAFER will be funded till March 2028.

The extension was made due to delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and limited primary care capacity to treat patients in 2020 and 2021. Thanks to the good results of the STROKETOP study in Sweden, SAFER has the opportunity to fix that. A power calculation for the study and project would recruit a total of 82,000 participants. These participants come from over a hundred different health centers across the UK

Currently, approximately 70% of all subjects have been enrolled and screened with Zenicor One, and recruitment and screening are expected to be completed by spring 2024. The first preliminary analysis of the results is planned for July 2025, while the results of the first SAFER in Australia are expected to be ready. The results of the SAFER studies will be an important basis for decisions about introducing screening programs for atrial fibrillation in the UK and internationally.

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We are proud to have delivered a viable screening program of this scale in the UK and we look forward to publishing the results in the coming years. SAFE, along with other regional screening initiatives and our AI programs, positions us at the forefront”, says Carolyn Melstick Thiemer, Vice President of Zenicor Medical Systems AB

Zenicor’s solution is optimized for healthcare and handling large flows when hundreds of thousands of people are screened. Phase I experiences from the SAFER study show that Zenicor One is more user-friendly and more suitable for the elderly, who are the target group for screening.

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The SAFER study is an English research project examining screening as a method for detecting and diagnosing atrial fibrillation. The aim of the project was to investigate whether screening for atrial fibrillation in people prevents stroke and is cost-effective compared to current standard medical care. Screening is done with Zenicor One. The results of the study are expected to form the basis of how future screening programs are implemented and implemented. The study began in 2018 and the final phase is expected to include patients until 2024.

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About Zenicor

Zenicor Medical Systems leads the development of systems and chains of care for arrhythmia diagnosis and stroke prevention. Genicor’s solution is optimized for early detection of cardiac arrhythmias in healthcare, including atrial fibrillation, and the solution is currently available in ten countries in Europe. The effectiveness of the system has been documented in numerous studies and articles in leading international scientific journals. Zenicor will work with Healthcare to create an integrated and optimized care chain for arrhythmia investigation where patient attention and healthcare resources are used more efficiently.

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Zenicor’s solution for early diagnosis with Zenicor One (Thumb ECG) and Zenicor Flex is a complete portfolio for all types of cardiac arrhythmia studies, completely replacing traditional Holter tests. Because Zenicor One and Zenicor Flex are managed on a single system/platform, Zenicor View, the solution is flexible for the healthcare provider. This means that depending on the patient and the question at hand, the care provider can easily choose the most appropriate method of investigation. Zenicor is also a healthcare service provider with a product called Zenicor Direct, which provides complete solutions for device logistics with deployment services and services.

Zenicor’s solution was used in the large screening studies StrokeSTOP I and II, and has now been used in one of the world’s largest randomized screening studies, SAFE in Great Britain and SAFER-AUS in Australia. These studies are being conducted to inform health authorities for decisions about introducing national screening programs for atrial fibrillation.

Zenicor operates from Stockholm and conducts development and manufacturing in Sweden, as well as international research in stroke prevention and screening for atrial fibrillation. Sales and marketing is done by our own staff in local markets.

From January 2023, Zenicor is certified according to the European Medical Technology Regulations MDR.

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+46 8 442 68 60 [email protected]

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