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The importance of providing the proper service before, during and after the purchase

Understanding the full customer journey that your clients and customers go through before, during and after the purchase and use of your product is essential to creating both a good product and a good marketing campaign. If you know how to get the attention of your target group, what reels them in, what keeps their attention and what makes them buy your product, you are well on the way.

To optimize your marketing and your product, you must also have insight into what questions and feedback your customers have, after the purchase and the use of your product. Proper feedback can help you hit your target group better and increase your sales and the value you bring to your customers.

The big workload of understanding the customer journey

Gaining such a thorough insight, however, is in many cases easier said than done. Gaining insight into every aspect of the customer journey can require lots of data, which many people mistake for requiring extra personnel and hours of work to gather. This is still the way it is done in many companies too, where some companies pay other companies to analyze and evaluate their processes. However, there is an alternative, with advanced quality management systems.

Many interesting insights can be found in the customer service department that deals with all inquiries from customers on all stages of the customer journey. Customer service employees talk to the person who wants to know more about your product, the person who wants to buy your product and the person who is satisfied or unsatisfied with the product they received. They are your best resource for getting to know your customers better.

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Finding insights from your customer service department

Many companies invest time and resources into manually listening to and evaluating their customer service employees. However, studies show that only 25% of all problems that customers have, are caused by employees. As such, nowhere near all issues that your company has can be solved by getting better customer service.

Instead, your company should invest in AI software that is able to categorize, organize and learn your problems much better than both you, your managers and your customer service department is. With management systems from Nexcom, you will be able to monitor your company’s performance much better than you currently are.

An increased insight will, as mentioned earlier lead to a better understanding of the customer journey, which can help you make the right tweaks and investments, because you now know much clearer where your problems are and what you need to do to fix them. This in turn creates more value for your customers.

Additionally, the increased focus on helping potential customers before their purchase, might even release some tension on your customer service department, as fewer calls are necessary. The AI software also requires much less monitoring and recording of conversations that your customer service department has, without compromising the quality of your customer service.