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The Rise of Online Lotteries and Casinos in Italy

There is no doubt that Italians love gambling. Gambling dates as far back as the Roman Empire, and the first “gambling house” named Ridotto was opened in Venice in 1638. Many of the games played today stem from the much-loved gambling games in Italy. A lesser known fact is that Italy is also the birthplace of the lottery.

Marin Sanudo was a Venetian chronicler. His diaries give us a look into the roots of the Italian lottery. There is a notation in his diary dated February 18th, 1522 where he speaks of a “new method of commerce.” He explains that citizens of Venice who wanted to participate in these newcomers had to pay a set price. The winner would receive the prize which could be money, carpet, gold, or pieces of cloth. This is the first recorded date that has ever been found on a lottery.

While the Italian government is proud of their heritage in this field, they are fiercely protective of the negative issues that follow loosely regulated gaming. For this reason, only the state can issue gambling licenses and allow any kind of gambling. The rules are tightly regulated.

Popular games

Today, most games of chance, sports betting, scratch-offs, instant win games, gambling machines, and the lottery are legal in Italy. Betting is also allowed on horse-racing and football games. There are 37 casinos in Italy. Milan is the most saturated with ten casinos. In days gone by, people had to frequent brick and mortar casinos to play most of these games and they had to buy a lottery ticket from an authorized seller. This is no longer the case.

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Online lotteries and casinos

In 2010, the Italian government passed a new law allowing online casinos to operate in Italy. This came after the European Commission began legal proceedings against Italy. Before 2006, Italy had prohibited online casinos from operating in their country and kept its citizens from accessing the sites. The European Commission had investigated complaints from European legal companies claiming the Italian laws prohibited them from doing business in a country where they had a legal right to operate. The Italian officials modified the rules and allowed online casinos with proper licenses to open in the country. In keeping with their commitment to keeping their citizens protected, the rules are strict, and only online casinos of quality can meet the requirements. Some of the requirements are:

  • Operate games in Europe with a turnover of at least €1,500,000 in the previous two years.
  • They must have quality and current technology.
  • Their websites must be straightforward and easy to understand and use.
  • Online companies must be incorporated as limited companies.
  • They must have adequate and knowledgeable customer support.
  • They must officially reside in and maintain technical support in one of the EU countries.
  • Companies are responsible for a technical management fee of €350,000 to AAMS They also will pay a 25% tax on gross profits plus a 3% tax on total poker tournament buy-ins.

These laws and rules caused many online casinos to go elsewhere. Industry leaders like Lottoland LTD remain. Lottoland is a world leader in the online lottery industry. They have in excess of 10-million customers globally. Clients can use the mobile app or computer to place their bets, explore their options, and check winning lottery numbers. They met the requirements listed and more. Lottoland is the first online casino in the world that owns its own insurance company. They offer fixed-odds betting on more than 30 lotteries around the world. Because the customer is betting on the game’s outcome and not buying a National Lottery ticket, they can bet on all of the lotteries, big and small.

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Serving the people

Of course, there is and always will be a love for casinos in beautiful Milan. It is a unique experience for citizens and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors. Nothing can replace that experience. But there is a need for the online casino as well.

There are mobile apps for the lottery lover who wants to use technology to experience the fun online. Sometimes you want to avoid the crowds. Sometimes you want to relax in your sweats and slippers and have some online fun. Many people like the thrill of betting on Eurojackpot, Euromillions, or Powerball without traveling to another country. Winning from home and watching your money deposit into your account is an entirely different kind of experience.

Even in beautiful Milan with its history of casinos and physical gaming houses, there are people who choose to bet on their favorite game, the lottery, from their computers and mobile apps. That is the beauty of living in a world of choices. There is something for everyone in this wonderful world. Today’s technology allows you the freedom to make your choice.