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The first Finnish Oscar can go to Somalia

The first Finnish Oscar can go to Somalia

The newly established Somali Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism has named Guled & Nasra as a nominee in the Best International Film category.

International success of Finnish film Guled and Nasra continuous. The film, which premiered in Cannes, recently won an award at the Toronto Film Festival and will be shown at many other famous festivals, including the BFI London Film Festival and the Chicago International Film Festival.

Somalia is now choosing to nominate the film as its country’s first Academy Award nomination.

Guled and Nasrawith international address Gravedigger’s wifeProduced by Finnish Bufo and its producers Mark Lowe, mischa jari And Resto Nikila. The language of the film is Somali. director Khader Idros Ahmed, As well as the Finnish movie heroes Omar Abdi and Canadian Yasmine and WarsamHe is originally from Somalia. The movie was shot entirely in Djibouti, which was formerly part of Somalia.

the film Guled and Nasra It is about a family facing critical choices. Guled (Omar Abdi) supports his family as a gravedigger, but daily life is overshadowed by the serious illness of his wife (Yasmine Warsams) and teenage son Mahad (Qadar Abdul Aziz Ibrahim) Wildlife attraction. The family needs money to pay for the operation that Nusra needs, and Guled and Mahadeen decide to do their best to save her. Family drama is described as hopeful.

Director Khader Adiros Ahmed presents his first feature film Guled and Nasra.

The film will premiere in Finnish cinemas on November 12.

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