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New film about immigrants premieres on Christmas Day – Radio Sweden in easy Swedish

Sweden looked very different 150 years ago. Many of them were very poor and longed for a better life in the United States. More than a million Swedes have fled Sweden to escape hunger and poverty. Immigrants are talking about this time. In the center are two people, Carl Oskar and Kristina, who fled Sweden with their two children.

Film producer Fredrik Wikström says: SVT He hopes immigrants in Sweden will understand that the Swedes were also immigrants and refugees.

I hope it’s this new generation of fans who see this and a new generation of Swedes who might not have been born here, who realize we’re more alike.

Immigrants was previously made into a movie in the 1970s. In this film, Carl Oscar is the main character. The new movie is about Christina and what it was like to be a woman and an immigrant in a new country.

Lisa Carlehead is an actress and plays the role of Christina in the movie. She tells how hard it was for Kristina to leave Sweden and knows she will never come back. Lisa Carlhead tells Kulturnytt that she misses home a lot.

– We follow her journey from being an immigrant to being an immigrant woman. It is difficult for her longing to return. She loses herself and then finds her again.

The film premieres on Christmas Day, December 25.

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