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The expert poke a hole in the classic “truth”.  Sweden

The expert poke a hole in the classic “truth”. Sweden

It is not necessary to cover the toilet seat with paper.

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Many people are ashamed to go to the toilet anywhere other than their home, and do not use public toilets in, for example, a pub or a shopping center except in absolute emergencies.

Even in an emergency, it may be best to cover the entire toilet ring with paper – anything to avoid touching the ring.

But that's not necessary, says the Public Health Institute, the Norwegian equivalent of the Public Health Agency.

“It doesn't make much sense”

to Daily newspaper Horst Bentel, senior advisor at the Department of Infection Control and Preparedness, says it is very unusual to contract a bacterial disease by sitting in a public toilet.

– In order to become infected with disease-causing bacteria, they must first enter the body. If there are no wounds on the skin, it will likely be difficult for bacteria to enter the body. Therefore, putting toilet paper on the seat does not make sense, says Horst Bentele.

“The most important thing is to wash your hands.”

According to her, the most common way bacteria enter the body is through the hands and through the mouth.

– That's why it's so important to wash your hands after using the toilet, before cooking, and before eating, says Bentel.

To ensure that your hands are properly cleaned, you must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water, according to the British Daily Mail. Public Health Authority.

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