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Putin's “top secret” nuclear submarine is ready for battle |  the world

Putin's “top secret” nuclear submarine is ready for battle | the world

Five years ago, a fire broke out on the Losharik nuclear submarine during an exercise.

The fire became international news when 14 crew members died.

A local fisherman witnessed the incident in 2019, and saw the submarine suddenly rise from the sea near Oura Bay, about 100 kilometers east of the Norwegian border.

– I've never seen anything like that in my life. The fisherman told the Russian newspaper that people were running on the deck of the ship and messing around Share pieces then.

Despite the intense fire, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the submarine would be repaired and restored.

The most secret Russian submarine

Now, five years later, the work is said to be complete. Reports Barents Monitorwhich refers to the state-controlled Russian news agency TASS.

The submarine is expected to be launched into the sea again as early as June or July.

After that, it will head to the Russian base on the Kola Peninsula, where many of Russia's most secret spy submarines are located, the Barents Observer newspaper writes.

Losharik is about 70 meters long and is powered by a nuclear reactor. Construction began in 1988 but was not launched until 2003 due to financial concerns.

according to Reuters The spy submarine is considered one of the most “secret” Russian submarines. The Barents Observer describes it in words as “top secret.”

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