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Niger withdraws from the military agreement with the United States

Niger withdraws from the military agreement with the United States

Amadou Abdel Rahman is the spokesman for the military junta and says that he is dissatisfied that the American delegation did not follow diplomatic protocol, and did not inform about who was coming or the date of arrival that was behind the decision.

Since the junta seized power in July 2023, it has ceased cooperation with French and other European forces, turning instead to Russia for support. Reuters reports. The same decision was taken in neighboring countries Mali and Burkina Faso.

We regret the intention of the American delegation to deprive us of the choice of our partners to reduce terrorism. “We also condemn the condescending attitude and threats of retaliation by the United States against our government and people,” Abdel Rahman said.

The military junta's fifth seizure of power

Last year, there were approximately 1,100 American troops on the ground in Niger. From two different bases, they focused on fighting ISIS and movements linked to Al-Qaeda.

Abraham now claims that the military presence was illegal and coercive.

Niger is a West African country suffering from poverty and Islamic terrorism. When the army seized power in the country in June 2023, it was the fifth time. This prompted ECOWAS to threaten military intervention and several countries to impose sanctions.

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