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The Club: There are no new petrol cars in the European Union as of 2035

The Club: There are no new petrol cars in the European Union as of 2035

The energy ministers of the European Union countries made the official decision by a large majority shortly before 1pm.

Twenty-three countries said yes, while Romania, Bulgaria and Italy abstained, with only Poland saying no.

The vote was held after the EU Commission and Germany worked out a solution on Saturday to get Germany to stop blocking a settlement already made last fall.

Electronic fuel

Germany wanted to state clearly that the zero-emissions requirement for cars should not preclude the future use of e-fuels, which the Commission has now promised to address.

Eba Bush is satisfied.

It is an important step and an important signal. And she says right away in Brussels that the green transition is really here to stay.

Swedish contribution?

As the country holding the presidency of the EU Council of Ministers, Sweden had already intended to hold the official vote several weeks earlier, after the EU Parliament did its part in February.

However, Sweden was caught off guard by the sudden German resistance and had to wait for a solution in the discussions between Brussels and Berlin.

Bush still thinks Sweden has contributed.

The Swedish presidency has really shown that we can lock down difficult solutions.

What did Sweden do? Didn’t UNHCR and Germany solve this on their own?

– No, we totally helped with that and we look forward to being able to complete it today, says Ebba Bosch.

In the clip below, the expert explains: How do we know that carbon dioxide is actually increasing?

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Learn how scientists measure the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere. picture: World of Science / SVT