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City buses are back in service – with some delay

City buses are back in service – with some delay

The snowy weather caused significant traffic disruptions on Monday, when many buses had difficulty getting around, prompting UL to stop all city bus traffic in Uppsala at 20.15pm Monday.

On Tuesday morning, several city bus lines were pulled and some regional buses were severely delayed — or cancelled.

– As a traveler, you need to track our app and website. Much depends on how municipalities have time to plow, Maria Haselgren of LV University said on Tuesday morning.

At lunchtime, the outlook looked better for city buses, with regional buses having problems other than snow.

– They find it difficult to get drivers on site, so there is a risk that these buses will be partially canceled throughout the day on Tuesday, says Maria Haselgren.

Two bus accidents

On Route 288, two bus accidents occurred during the day. At 2 pm a county bus ran off the road outside Alounda. When the bus tilted and the door could not be opened, the eight passengers and the driver required the assistance of emergency services to get out. According to UL, no one should be seriously injured.

School traffic is affected

Not only was bus traffic in Uppsala City affected by the snowy weather, school bus traffic also had problems. All tours during Tuesday in Uppsala are cancelled, and in Enkoping, buses are partially cancelled.

SMHI issued a yellow Weather warning of heavy snowfall In combination with strong winds. During Monday, an area of ​​snow and wind moved over eastern Sveland, which has intensified since lunchtime.

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