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Take advantage of Boris Johnson ahead of the Hartlepool By-election

Take advantage of Boris Johnson ahead of the Hartlepool By-election

In the by-elections for the House of Commons in the north-east of England, Hartlepool led by about 17 percentage points, Survival measure. Meanwhile, the Conservative Party candidates appear to be heading for victories in the local elections Tees Valley And the West Midlands.

If Boris Johnson can count on a “trilogy” in the traditional Three Labor strongholds, that will be symbolically important to him. In the election campaign, the prime minister tried to scrutinize that the UK’s successful vaccination campaign was due to the country leaving the European Union, which it had been fighting for for so long.

Hartlepool was once a red stronghold.

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Victories in the north will give him the opportunity to regain the initiative after last week’s controversy Luxurious renovation of the Prime Minister’s Home in Downing Street And the information he said about last fall that he preferred “corpses piled in the thousands” rather than imposing a third lockdown (which he was forced to do anyway)

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Labor leader Keir Starmer attempted to accuse Johnson of various accusations and, by tradition, the opposition tended to do well in the by-elections in England. But it also means that the pressure is too much on him to fulfill.

If Labor continues to hold back in parts of England that have been called the “Red Wall”, skepticism about Starmer’s position may increase in his party.

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