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The Warning: Rivers Disappear When Glaciers Melt |  climate

The Warning: Rivers Disappear When Glaciers Melt | climate

Rising sea levels and floods have long been a major cloud of concern to climate scientists around the world. But in some places, climate change is expected to cause drought instead.

Among other things, researchers fear that melting glaciers will cause severe erosive damage to the previously covered land. Tears and cracks that in turn lead to the danger of catching rivers and diverting them away from human societies – who depend on the river for their water supply.

The phenomenon has already occurred, including in 2016 when a melting glacier in the Canadian Yukon region changed the direction of the ‘äy Ch River – away from Lake Kluane, which was previously receiving water from the river, according to The Guardian.

Geologist Dan Sugar, who witnessed the event, told the newspaper that there is no doubt that the phenomenon is caused by climate change.

Glaciers around the world are retreating. He says the enhanced retreat we’re seeing now, we know unequivocally due to climate change.

In Alaska, the US National Park Service is trying to review how to alleviate conditions for fishermen and fishermen who depend on the rivers.

“The river will survive, but people will be annoyed – or more,” Michael Lusso, a geologist with the National Park Service, told The Guardian.

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