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The woman gave birth to nine children

The woman gave birth to nine children

Halima Cisse, 25, is in good health after giving birth to “Nilengar”, meaning nine children, according to the Mali government. If the information is correct, then this is an extraordinary burden for many children.

It was proved at an early stage that a complicated pregnancy requires specialized care abroad, so the birth took place in Morocco on Tuesday. However, the ultrasound showed only seven fetuses, so that the cesarean section gave the result nine babies which was a general surprise.

Mali’s Minister of Health said: “The newborns (five girls and four boys) and the mother are fine.” Fanta Sibi In a press release, Reuters reports.

However, this has not been confirmed in Morocco. African media published pictures of both the mother and the children being cared for in incubators, but the source of the pictures was not confirmed.

Individual examples

There are occasional examples of the inability to die in the modern era, but then many or all of the babies are either dead or have died shortly after birth. So if it is true that all of Sissi’s babies are healthy, then childbirth can be unique in the world.

Swedish gynecologist Arne Rudestad However, it is doubtful. Not for the sake of the birth of the Nile itself, but for the sake of the mission in which all children could have survived their birth.

This is most likely not an automatic pregnancy. Nature will never offer that. Instead, there are good reasons to believe that this hormonal stimulation went wrong, was so strong, and where fertilization occurred inside the body, he says.

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It’s hard to survive

Almost all of the nine babies would have survived the birth as almost impossible, he views.

– I am very hesitant about this mission. It is possible to carry a lot of embryos, but if you do, they will be born prematurely and it will be difficult for everyone to survive, says Arne Radstad.

Today, he says, hormonal stimulation occurs only in the Western world for a woman’s egg harvest. After that, fertilization takes place outside the body, after which the egg is returned to the woman, in order to avoid the so-called multiple pregnancy, with one or more embryos, which carries risks.