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Swedish reinforcement in Arla's group

Swedish reinforcement in Arla’s group

During a meeting of the Board of Supervisors in Copenhagen in late May, three new members were elected to Arla’s board, including Swedish Daniel Halmsjo.

At Arla’s oversight board meeting, Swedish Daniel Halmsjo was elected to the panel of others. Photo: Arla

Arla’s team consists of 14 Arla farmers selected by the oversight committee.

Swedish members of the oversight committee elected Daniel Halmsjo to the board because former member Jonas Carlgren did not choose to stand for re-election. This means that from Sweden, Daniel Halmsjo, Gustav Cambe, Inger-Liz Sjostrom and Marita Wolf are now sitting on the board.

Employee Representative Anders Olson is also from Sweden. The team consists of three staff representatives, who are selected by Arla’s European working group.

In addition, two external advisers, Nana Pule and Florence Rowlett, were elected regular members of the board. Thus, they have the same influence as other board members, including the right to vote.

In addition to Jonas Carlgreen, Walter Lawson also left the group.

Facts: Arla Foods Board 2022-2024:

Chairman, Jan Toft Nørgaard, Denmark, Team Member since 1998, Chairman since 2018.

Vice President Manfred Groff, Germany, Member of the Board since 2012, Vice President since 2021.

Board member since 2017 by Arthur Fearn, UK.

Marcel Coffinet, Belgium, 2019 Board Member.

Daniel Halmsjo, Sweden, 2022 First Board Member.

Bjørn Jepsen, Denmark, 2011 Board Member.

Jørn Kjær Madsen, Denmark, 2019 First Board Member.

Gustav Kämpe, Sweden, Member of the Executive Committee since 2021.

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René Lund Hansen, Denmark, 2019 First Team Member.

Stein Norgard Matson, Denmark, Member of the Board since 2005.

Johnny Russell, UK, first board member since 2012.

Simon Simonson, Denmark, 2017 First Board Member.

Inger-Lise Sjöström, Sweden, 2017 First Team Member.

Marita Wolf, Sweden, Board Member since 2021.

Nana Pule, Denmark, Board Member since 2022. External consultant since 2019.

Florence Rollet, France, 2022 First Team Member. External consultant since 2019.

Employee Representative, Ib Bjerglund Nielsen, Denmark, 2013 First Board Member.

Staff Representative, Grand Cathcord, UK, Board Member since 2022.

Staff Representative, Anders Olson, Sweden, Board Member since 2022.

The article was published on Friday, May 27, 2022