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Sweden wins a medal in the team competition in the field competition

Sweden wins a medal in the team competition in the field competition

Christopher Forsberg and Sapporo Hippo, First among the Swedish riders, he took a total of 8 kicks in the jump. The duo made an impact in all three combinations and also tore down an obstacle in combining the two.

– A bit annoying on two strokes but he felt better after the terrain yesterday and we keep working forward and strengthening it. Now I can help the team the rest of the day, Christopher Forsberg tells SVT Sport.

He then supported Malin Petersen and Charlie Brown with a flawless journey. An important result for the Swedish national team is that without money, Sweden climbed to fifth after Irishman Sam Watson knocked down three hurdles. Petersen is very happy with Charlie Brown’s European Championship.

– I feel like he’s a very nice horse and with a little bit of routine about that, he’d be great. It’s as if and with the ability to be good at all branches, no branch is too weak.

The starting order in the jump is reversed, that is, with the top 25 teams ranked in the first group

Flawless double of Sweden

Malin Josephson and Golden Midnight He started the second set with the primarily seeded riders. The duo opened up brilliantly, flawlessly, and with gentle resilience over overcoming obstacles. Thus, Sweden can include two zeros in the score so far.

Sofia Sjöborg is making her first championship and will finish 17th worse after finishing in a flawless jump with 10-year-old Marie Brigamulga van Het Marienshof Z.

Sophia did a great job with this horse. A very resilient horse that has developed tremendously recently and there is more potential, which will be very exciting to see, says Lars Kristenson, expert commentator at SVT Sports.

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Sarah Algutson Ostholt and Chiquilo He jumped well but tore off an obstacle. But the Swedish team’s efforts are solid and when Switzerland’s last rider Robin Goodl passed two hurdles, it meant that Sweden climbed to fourth and overshadowed France, who are now under tremendous pressure with only one rider remaining.

Sweden’s chance to win the bronze medal – the last contestant in France decides the bronze battle

There are only three riders left in France in the competition, which means that all the results are counted. Jean Le Peugeot tore down three obstacles and former French teammate Stanislas de Zochovich tore down four, meaning France can now only afford two errors at a time with its last rider if it wants to maintain the bronze position.

Maxime Livio got a chance for a bronze player and his tour also decided the French team’s score. The pressure was great and an early demolition occurred, an effect that cost him the individual podium and also the bronze for the French national team.

Livio’s demolition means Sweden takes the bronze in the team competition, the same result they had at Lohmöllen two years ago.

Great Britain won the 23rd gold medal at the European Championships in the team competition. Germany grabbed the silver before Sweden.

UK Triple

Individually, Nicola Wilson and J.L. Dublin won surrounded by her teammates on the podium. Silver for Piggy March and bronze for Sarah Polimore.

Individually ranked first among the Swedish riders, Sarah Algotsson Ostholt finished 11th.

Sweden, sixth before the decision:

Sweden ranked sixth in the team competition before the decision, 3.4 penalty points behind Switzerland, which ranked fourth.

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