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Sweden six dimension terrain |  SVT Sport

Sweden six dimension terrain | SVT Sport

Malin Josefsson and Golden Midnight are starting their power for Sweden. The crew actually got off with start number four and stood out for a great ride over the terrain, free of obstacles and only 5.2 time errors. A valuable start for the Swedish team.

– It was very nice today. Josephson, who was also part of the team that took the European Championship bronze two years ago, says I’m very happy and very happy with how I felt and the horse’s hair was just as usual.

Today’s terrain course, designed by Mike Etherington Smith, is built on a sprint track and contains 32 obstacles and 40 jumps. Christopher Forsberg, 2nd Swedish KnightHe started well with Sapporo Hippo but at Hurdle 10A the crew got a break and 20 penalty points as a result. Forsberg ended up with 37.2 penalty kicks from the field.

Malin Petersen and Charlie BrownHe did n just like his teammates with a very stable effort. Flawless over obstacles but with 12 penalty kicks to pass the time.

A message of strength from Chicuelo

Sarah Algutson Ostholt and a 10-year-old eunuch Chiquilo They were reserves during the Olympic Games in Tokyo and then did not ride on the terrain. Today they have to show proof of their tremendous ability. The crew supported yesterday’s strong dressage results with a new high performance. A balanced, fast, and flawless ride over obstacles but with 2.4 penalty kicks to get past the time. The duo are 13th individually before the jump.

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The message of strength from Algotsson Ostholt and Chicuelo in the terrain

– He didn’t like today. It’s his first championship, but I really think he’s proven to me today that he’s at the highest level. It was very easy to organize today, it used to be that it might be a bit too powerful for me. But I came up with an approach that makes it work very well and with the help of the little helpers can ride the obstacles in the most optimal way. It was great today, says Algutson Ostholt.

Sixth place in the team championship

He was even among several teams today and Sweden finally climbed a place in the teams competition and goes up to sixth place tomorrow, but only 3.4 penalty points different from Switzerland’s four.

Britain liked it very much and maintained its leadership. Two of the team riders were completely impeccable and time-managed, including Nicola Wilson who also took the lead individually. Great Britain has won 22 gold medals at the European Championships in teams and has a definite battle position for another gold.

Germany, with defending champion Ingrid Klimk on the team, remained second and France in bronze.

Sjöborg impresses individually

23-year-old Sophia Sjöborg makes her first tournament He only competes individually during the European Championships.

Sjöborg and Bryjamolga van het Marienshof Z’s 10-year-old mare were influenced by domestication and continue to this day. The hurdles are flawless and only got 5.6 time errors and Sjöborg is 17th out of a total of 67 riders.

Tomorrow, the European Championship will be decided with the jump, which will be broadcast live on SVT Play at 10.45.

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