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So the Ryder Cup has become one of the biggest sporting events in the world

So the Ryder Cup has become one of the biggest sporting events in the world

At the Ryder Cup in Paris three years ago, the match was watched by nearly 620 million people worldwide.
When gardener Samuel Ryder decided in the 1920s to donate a cup, no one knew what everyone would develop into it.
“It’s that day and that’s why you give up on training your hardest every day,” Rory McIlroy said before Friday’s fight at Whistling Straits.

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Kholer, Wisconsin. Between 40-45,000 spectators are expected to visit Whistling Fjords each day in Little Kohler, Wisconsin. Everyone has made a pilgrimage to this little golf destination in the middle of nowhere. The village was established by the family and their construction company and today houses just over 2,000 people.
As a result, hotel rates in nearby Milwaukee and Green Bay have soared this week. Along with the Superbowl, the Ryder Cup is the largest event hosted by Wisconsin.

You will soon understand how it turned out.

The look itself almost automatically leads to drama. England footballer, known for his passion, explains Ian Poulter:
It is a very simple form of golf. There is no place to question decisions, it is just about doing your best. Pairs are rarely enough without having to play a bird, it’s a fun and intense gameplay.

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The entry of Ballesteros changed everything

The fact that there are twelve points at stake during last-day singles matches also allows for a seemingly improbable comeback, like the one we saw when Europe came back from what looked like a hopeless situation in 2012, in the Medina outside Chicago.
We should also add that the ambiguity surrounding captain selection, strategy, alchemy, and cohesion come into play.

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But perhaps the main component is the rivalry between Europe and the United States, something that has long been observed between layers of codes of conduct.

In the 1970s, when the European team consisted only of Great Britain and Ireland, the American team shared the victories. Here the decision was made to change everything. Sifriano Ballesteros was the main dominant player in European golf. The United States had won eleven of their 15 encounters, and now they’ve changed the rules to include the Spanish superstar.

And a Spanish star hated losing, especially against the Americans. Seves’ will and passion came to weld Europe together, and according to today’s players, his legacy lives on and even today means that on paper the worst team often wins against the top American players.
“We know this isn’t a competition played on paper, it’s played on grass, and the Ryder Cup is something that brings together everything golf is about,” Rory McIlroy says of the game that started from the start in 1927 only grew bigger, bigger and bigger.

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A golden-colored cup means a lot

In 2018, one thousand journalist writers were certified. They came from 27 different countries, and a total of 620 million people watched the match at home on TV.

On September 27, 1920, the Sports Illustrated editor wrote a letter to the US PGA proposing a match. The match will then feature 12 Americans who played The Open the following year at St Andrews Old Course. It was a warm-up match at Gleneagles.
The match was mostly fun and Britain and Ireland beat the United States 9-3.3.

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Samuel Ryder’s business was going well now. His idea of ​​selling seeds in small bags worked, and now gardener, businessman and golf enthusiast, Samuel Ryder, has decided to donate a gold-colored cup. We still play it today. But the competition is much stronger.

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