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Sweden is the favorite destination for the Auto Theft League – Cars & Sports

Sweden is the favorite destination for the Auto Theft League – Cars & Sports

When it comes to thefts of cars and their parts, Sweden is one of the worst affected countries in the world.

Sweden stands out both in the Nordic region and in the world when it comes to car and car theft.

Her motivating thefts It has increased by as much as 10,000 per cent in Sweden over the past two years, figures from insurance company If show. During the same period, car and car thefts increased by 11 percent in the country.

In real terms, 8,938 vehicle thefts and 26,441 vehicle thefts (including catalytic converters) were reported last year. This makes Sweden the worst affected country in the Nordic region.

Sweden, along with the United Kingdom, has sailed as one of the worst affected countries in the world.states whether in its report Car Crime Barometer 2022.

At the same time, the picture is completely different in our neighboring countries, which were not affected to the same extent at all:

Finland is in second place After Sweden when you look at the numbers from 2020. At that time, about 6,500 car attacks were reported in the country, which according to the report is used by many robbery gangs in the Baltic region as a transit country.

• In Denmark it has been reported About 5,500 photo thefts in 2021, making it the second worst affected country in the North. Many of these are suspected of being called rental scams where criminals rent cars, drive them abroad and change the chassis number (VIN). They are then taken back to Denmark with their new identities and sold like other cars. Then it is often stolen again so that the process is repeated, which means that some reports may apply to the same vehicle.

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Norway was the least affected About 1,800 and 4,500 auto thefts and vehicle thefts were reported during 2021. Thefts of trigger substances are also said to have increased here, but not in the surrounding areas as in Sweden. The reason for the low numbers is not least that the unions must at least make a risky border crossing to get into the country – but also the Norwegian “mafia clause” introduced in 2003. Crimes that could be linked to organized crime are punishable twice in Sweden, which is considered deterrent.

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