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Austrian cross-country skiing from Leogang to Saalbach

Austrian cross-country skiing from Leogang to Saalbach

2022-03-29 16:17

Freeride goes on a ski trip arranged by the company to Austria’s Leogang Which is part of the huge Skicircus ski area, which in addition to Leogang also includes Saalbach, Hinterglemm and Fieberbrunn. Join us on a journey filled with skiing, historical experiences and unexpected encounters.

False romantic dream It consists of fat sleds, a packed lunch, and a cheap lamb to be crushed. Now we are going to skate with a group of skaters who have never met each other before as the planning was completed long ago. Here we say goodbye to old spontaneous resolutions and vague ambiguities and welcome instead the sharp, all-encompassing attitudes.

We meet The other participants in this ranked trip who traveled from Great Britain and America respectively. The hotel we’ll be staying in is called the Riederalm Hotel, whose star rating can include the entire Milky Way compared to all the sunny sofas and enclosures on which the undersigned have spent countless nights. Not only do the rooms have great views of the surrounding mountains, but there are also a number of quality restaurants, wine cellars, and several luxurious spa areas.

But We didn’t go to Austria to go to the spa and drink wine (just not anyway), skiing is the most looming thing of course.


We just met our guide Paul Pichler who works as a ski instructor in the area on a daily basis and then steps on the first lift up to almost 2,000m above sea level. As Swedish skiers, it almost feels surreal that we’re only halfway up the mountain when the doors open at the intermediate gondola station.
– This is only the middle leg, Paul explains and clearly indicates that we can sit quietly in the gondola for a while longer.

Austrian The tree line is clearly not comparable to the Swedish line as the slopes are still surrounded by thick fir forests despite the fact that we are approaching the upper slope of the gondola. Once you reach the top, the landscape unfolds and we enjoy Austrian grandeur. There is a throng of slopes and lifts in every conceivable direction and behind the lift system, mighty alpine peaks meander in a row while the sun is already shining from a clear blue sky.

We are a group About ten people Paul immediately began guiding them around the mountain. It attacks us at a harmonious pace that finally leads us away from one valley to another. We’re grazing from hill to hill at the same time as the sun slowly but surely begins to warm the frozen surface into perfect spring slush. The slopes are long and steep, which makes lying on clean turns difficult, and so we discuss in modern lifts both the existing ski technology and what it lacks.

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Our goal Today is to ski to take us to Saalbach, which is more than a three-mile drive from Leogang, but is estimated to be barely half the distance with skis as transportation.

Our ski coach Paul, Whoever works today as a ski guide would probably be very happy with his rather simple but destined task of leading a sprawling group of skiers in the right direction on the mountain. He says this is his first season in the area and that his daily life usually consists of teaching the plow to younger children. Paul is 22 years old and therefore the youngest in this group.

Oldest in the group It’s Briton Peter, 75, and unfortunately, prejudices are through the roof. Brits are people (at least me) who are more attached to football and fish chips than to skiing and high alpine environments. And things won’t get better with age, right?

Luckily Can I bury my prejudices (which one should do with all prejudice), Peter’s skate attests that he probably has more than average skating days in his legs. He’s light on his feet despite the snow and over time happily shares tidbits and stories from some of the ski resorts he’s visited over the years. Oh, how wrong you could be.

This puts Somehow she is a fine finger on going on an arranged trip of this sort. This strange compound gang from different parts of the world with an age group of just over 50 years old would not have skated together otherwise. But now we stand here in the middle of the majestic Austrian mountains discussing ski technology, global politics and everything in between. And we don’t really need to think about anything other than going right and left… the rest is already solved.


In time we reach Saalbach, a typical Alpine village, crammed into a valley surrounded by ski slopes in all directions. We walk through the village with sledges on our shoulders. Saalbach her Unlike Leogang Small village center with a bustling lane and here is a solid selection of charming cafes, restaurants, sports shops, souvenirs and other things belonging to the Austrian Alps.

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We take a gondola The highest peak is Schattberg Ost, a peak of 2,020 meters above sea level, and next to us is also Schattberg West (2096 meters above sea level) which is the highest peak in the ski system. Then we take a few rides in Saalbach and can look away at Hinterglemm, a village with associated lifts belonging to the same ski system, which in turn is also connected to Fieberbrunn. The terrain in this area is much higher in the Alps than in the Leogang area, and it is possible to peek at one or two of the attractive off-piste skis from the lift. If we are to compare Saalbach to another famous Austrian ski resort, it is very reminiscent of Bad Gastein, not least when it comes to the small, vibrant village center that distinguishes both products.
– If I had gone here with a group of polar bears, I would have suggested that we live in Saalbach, one of the group heard him say.

Go after grazing before, The fall height burns the legs and reminds the body that it is time to replenish energy. Fortunately, we have a table booked at the Asitz Bräue in Leogang within a short time. Thus, we (unfortunately) do not have time to stray further into the ski system today, although there is still a lot to discover at Hinterglemm and Fieberbrunn. Alternatively, the road goes from Schattberg Ost and down to Vorderglemm, a really long ride that takes us back to the side of the valley we came from.

Asitz Braue

In total, there are more than 60 restaurants, or so-called ski huts, in the ski area But today we targeted the Asitz Bräue according to the predetermined schedule that was set for each individual in the group. Once again a solid argument for a group trip of this kind, just follow the flow and have fun, the decisions have already been made.

From outside The aforementioned restaurant is like no other hook and on the outside terrace, thump-thump ala Austria is served with thump-thump ala Austria. Not surprising in other words. But inside, part of the history is hidden.

The restaurant is made It is four stories (not visible from the outside) and also contains its own brewery and associated museum. The interior is impressive to say the least and appears to be from the 17th century with endless details such as parts of the old church organ and carved wooden crafts.

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– Wow… he buzzes in the air from several directions.

not only this. Through the underground tunnels, you reach a restaurant attached to the bottom of the hill and there is also a channel drawn to the elevator to facilitate transportation of raw materials and the like to the restaurants.

In short, good; This is an impressive whole house that appears to be several hundred years old, and the fact that the entire scabbard was built just over ten years ago over the course of a year and a half is somewhat unimaginable. Asitz Braue is well worth a visit For a simple lunch or a guided tour It’s guaranteed to gild your ski vacation.


Traveling on a group ski trip of this nature was something that I previously associated with the stereotype of Sällskapsresan II Snowler. But in the name of honesty, it’s surprisingly comfortable to sit in the back seat and ride with him. Nobody demands anyone’s opinion as to more or less important various options, such as which restaurant we should eat at or the hill we should go to. Just sit back and enjoy. The rest dissolves.

I personally like Especially for skiing in Leogang which offers empty and wide slopes and hills of the highest category. At the same time, it raises the pulse and mood of Saalbach As with the obvious possibilities of out-of-order skate specific interest.

Thanks For this time…ski on you later Skicircus!

Short facts:

Leogang is a municipality located in the northern part of Austria, not far from well-known ski resorts such as Zell am See, Kaprun and Kitzbühel, and belongs to the federal state of Salzburg. The village is located 785 meters above sea level and has a population of just over 3,000.

Skicircus is one of the largest ski areas in Austria and consists of the ski resorts of Leogang, Saalbach, Hinterglemm and Fieberbrunn which are linked together. This ski area together includes 270 kilometers of equipped piste and 70 lifts. It is also possible to ski to Zell am See from here, but to return, you need to transfer by bus, taxi or similar.

Text: Peter Elfsberg