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Sweden bans entry from Denmark and the UK |  Foreigner

Sweden bans entry from Denmark and the UK | Foreigner

The Swedish government has decided to impose a ban on entry from Denmark and the UK due to the new variant of the coronavirus circulating in the UK that has also been found in Denmark.

Interior Minister Michael Damberg announced at a press conference on Monday. The entry ban takes effect at midnight Swedish time. The ban does not affect Swedish citizens.

Everyone who traveled to Sweden from the UK on or after December 12 is required to take a coronavirus test. In addition, they must stay at home for up to a week and test themselves a second time on the fifth day after arrival.

The transmission of vaccines is not affected by the prevention of entry.

The spread of infection in Denmark is increasing

Damberg justifies the ban on entry from Denmark by the fact that the new virus variant was found in the country at the same time that the spread of infection increased. In addition, Denmark closed all shopping centers during Christmas and weekends.

Damberg says there is a clear risk that Danes have traveled to Sweden to buy Christmas gifts.

The ban on entry from Denmark does not affect Swedish citizens, other people living or working in Sweden, nor people transporting goods.

The director-general of the Swedish Public Health Agency, Johan Karlsson, does not rule out the presence of the new virus variant also in Sweden, but says the agency has not been able to confirm this.

According to the press release of the Swedish Public Health Agency on 20 December The new form may be more contagious, But there is no indication that it may cause more serious illness.

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Sources: SR, SVT, Reuters