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Caution distinguishes the region's budget |  HN

Caution distinguishes the region’s budget | HN

Regional Council Chairman Michaela Walterson (man).

Peer Support (Personal Self-Experienced Resource) is a type of professional peer support that has been in the US, Netherlands, and UK for a few years. The National Collaborative Network for Mental Health (NSPH) is working for peer support in Sweden. Stockholm, Skene, Västra Götaland and Västerbotten were pilot districts and now Halland wants to get on the train.

It’s good that the region is investing in improving mental illness care. Professional Peer Supporters must be able to be supportive people and accompany patients through the care processes. As the “peer proponents” have their own expertise, this is sure to be very beneficial to both the patient and other care staff. The idea is that the new way of working will be built in 2022.

A suggestion was also made to the regional councils that basic training should be offered to new assistant nurses so that the newly trained would have a better chance of being hired. The way to work for nurses has been found, but now it’s time for the next group of employees. An excellent way to direct employees to work and give them a safe start. 5 million Swedish kronor has been allocated for this purpose.

The alliance also wants to invest in improving palliative care in Halland. By moving away from oncology from the surgical clinic and adding palliative care, regional politicians hope to bridge the gap that has existed until now in cancer-related activities.

Investing in colorectal cancer screening is a great investment for the Halland region. It is aimed at people aged 60-74 and will be built in 2022 to begin in 2023. Early detection is important, so regional councils estimate that 10-15 lives each year in Halland will be saved when screening is carried out. introduced.

The investments are relatively modest and characterize the caution that the Alliance seeks when the pandemic can be left behind. The tax will not change at 11.40 SEK and the ambition is to collect it in the folds to run the economy in the long term. This is wise because you may not be in complete control of the holes that can occur as the effects of the pandemic become more apparent. It is conceivable that Hallandstrafiken will be a hole that you need to save money for.

In addition, the alliance is making indirect savings when it chooses not to invest money in rebuilding hospitals in Varberg and Halmstad, as previously planned. Hospital buildings in Varberg in particular will have to be renovated soon; Waiting for such investments can be very costly. However, politicians seem to realize this and believe that by boosting the economy and ensuring a surplus for 2022, long-term reconstruction is secured.

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