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SpaceX astronauts are forced to fly from the International Space Station with diapers

SpaceX astronauts are forced to fly from the International Space Station with diapers

Megan MacArthur and her three astronauts will need to spend their flight home from the International Space Station – a 20-hour flight – in diapers. In an interview with the press, she said that the situation, of course, is not optimal – but it can be controlled.

Space travel is full of small challenges. This is just another thing we meet and take care of during our mission. “We’re not too worried,” she says. New York Post.

After a series of meetings on Friday, it was decided to fly the astronauts home on Sunday, before their surrogates arrived there. The launch of SpaceX was delayed by more than a week due to bad weather and an unspecified “medical problem”.

Same error on multiple SpaceX spacecraft

The toilet problems were discovered after a private flight with SpaceX in September, when a tube burst open and leaked urine under the ship’s floor. When astronauts on the International Space Station checked their spacecraft, the same error was discovered there. The toilet on SpaceX awaiting launch has been repaired, but the toilet on the ship docked with the International Space Station is considered unusable.

Astronauts who are now returning home during their time in space have taken several spacewalks, upgrading the station’s power grid. They also became the first to grow chili peppers in space in history. This week, for the first time, they tasted chili peppers, which they chop into tacos.

– They have nice spices. Some lingering heat. Some found it more difficult than others, Megan MacArthur judged the first chili in space.

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Here astronauts arrive at the International Space Station

Four astronauts from the SpaceX space shuttle are welcomed to the space station.
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