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Bioware tempts us with an image from the new Mass Effect

Bioware tempts us with an image from the new Mass Effect

The Internet is aggressively analyzing it for clues.

November 7 is N7 Day for a few years now, when some of us celebrate all that comes with it mass effect to do. That was also the case yesterday, but in the name of honesty it was a somewhat lackluster celebration compared to last year. in 2020 announced Not only Mass Effetc: Legendary Edition – It’s a modified version of the original trilogy – but we got it too I know That brand new mass effect was in progress.

There were no announcements this year, but we did get at least one poster-like teaser image that promises to “mass effect It will continue.” Of course, the internet has been flooded with speculation about what the photo shows (make sure to zoom in on the image above to see all). We see a group of people from above, supposed to be the far left Restaurant (Rex?) Could one of the other restaurants be Asari (Liara? ).

They stand outside a ship and in front of the crater of a volcano very similar to the “face” of Jeth. In front of the crater it also looks like a body, perhaps a corpse.

We hope to find out what all this means in the not too distant future. We don’t have a release date or even an official name for the upcoming game, but it’s there sound It’s undeniable as if they were using an unreal engine instead of frostbite.