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Stream 'Finch' with Tom Hanks for free |  Movie Zen

Stream ‘Finch’ with Tom Hanks for free | Movie Zen

Once again, the “Cast Away” star puts on a sentimental one-man show, with a dog and a robot as his only company.

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Tom Hanks is one of the few skilled actors who can carry a movie where they are the only character. We’ve seen him talk about volleyball on “Cast Away,” and it’s probably no coincidence that the new “Finch” has been compared to the Destiny Island play.

“Finch” is set in the near future, a post-apocalyptic world where Engineer Finch is one of the few who survive. He spends the days with his dog, but since Finch is going to die soon, he makes a cute robot as a company for his four-legged friend. Directed by Miguel Saposhnik, who is responsible for some of the more exciting episodes of “Game of Thrones,” but as a science fiction, this is a much quieter story, focusing on the three mismatched characters.

Katharina Emgard wrote in her review on MovieZine: “Tom Hanks is as stable as ever in his role and delivers the same life splendor that he does in ‘Big’ and ‘Forrest Gump’. But ‘Finch’ also carries an unexpected dark undertone.” .

Today, the premiere of Finch is streaming on Apple TV+. A streaming service with little scope so far, but here you’ll also find original movies like “Greyhound” (which is also Hanks in the lead role) and “Cherry” with Tom Holland. Among the TV series talked about are “The Morning Show,” the popular comedy “Ted Lasso” and the fantasy series “Foundation.”

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