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So was the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

So was the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

A serious knee injury and three surgeries kept Walter Walberg off the back slope for 22 months. But before this season, the 21-year-old is back. Although he had never won a World Cup before, it was seen as one of the big jumps for Sweden’s medal in Beijing.

A total of three Swedes were in attendance when the humpback piste competition was decided. However, Wallberg was the only Swede to reach the Super Final. For Felix Elofsson and Ludwig Wellstrom, the Olympic adventure has already ended in Final 1.

Once in the Super Final, the 21-year-old from Bulnas took a big run with a score of 83.23. In doing so, he secured a thrilling Olympic gold medal against defending champion Michael Kingsbury and Japan’s Ikuma Hiroshima.

Walter Walberg Photo: Bildeberan

Sarah Hector attended the Beijing Olympics as a World Cup leader in giant slalom. That made her the top candidate when she stood on the starting line before the Olympic competition. The 29-year-old from Sandviken also started as a dream come true. After the first inning, I took the lead by three tenths and thus got a gold position before the second half.

After a long wait for his second run, Hector kept the pressure. The giant Swedish slalom star made a stable second streak and ran into goal, 28 per cent ahead of Italian Federica Brignoni. At the finish line, she extended her hands in the air as the newly crowned Olympic champion.

Sarah Hector Photo: Bildeberan

Sprint specialists Jonna Sundling and Maja Dahlqvist became the Swedish biggest joy in cross-country skiing during the Olympics. The duo spread out perfectly before the tournament and can now return to Sweden with three Olympic medals each.

First, the favorite inverted duo put on a great show in the race. Jonna Sundling took the gold in superior style before Maja Dahlqvist who drove the car to the silver position. In the team race, there was a new medal for the duo. The Swedish duo looked for a long time on their way to the gold medal but in the end had to settle for the silver medal behind Germany.

It will also be a Swedish women’s team medal. In the relay, the team made up of Maja Dalqvist, Ebba Anderson, Frida Karlsson and Jonah Sondling reached bronze after a superb finish by Jonah Sondling.

Photo: Bildeberan

After a solid season, hopes are high for the Swedish athletes in Beijing. It was Elvira Öberg who would hand out the Olympic medals in the first place. After losing medals in both the Mix Raleigh and distance competition, the 22-year-old won Olympic silver in both the sprint and start-up hunt.

The biggest success, however, will come in the ladies’ relay. The Swedish women along with Len Persson, Mona Broersson, Hana Oberg and Elvira Oberg participated in a super competition and took the gold medal against Russia and Germany. It was the first time ever that Swedish women won a gold medal in the Olympic relay race.

In the end, she also became a Swedish medalist in the men’s side. After a heavy tournament, Martin Ponciloma made it to the shooter in the final collegiate start. The Swede entered the last shot with a medal opportunity and managed to secure the silver medal after a strong finish.

Photo: Bildeberan

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Historic Olympic gold for Sweden – won the women’s relay race

Nils van der Poel was one of the big favorites in the entire match. The Swedish figure skating king continued to press and won two gold medals.

The first gold was picked at an altitude of 5,000 meters – a competition that turned out to be a real thrill. Nils van der Poel came out in the last pair and then had to beat Patrick Roest’s 6.09,31 time to climb to the top of the podium. With four laps remaining, he was more than two seconds behind Dutchman Roest. Then the Swede began his mighty end. The last two laps were done at 29.01 and 28.97, which was enough to secure the gold medal. The finishing time was 6.08.84, which is also an Olympic record.

If gold was at 5,000m from land, then the 25-year-old’s gold at 10,000m was a great story. Nils van der Poel broke his entire world record by more than two seconds when he drove at 12.30.74. In doing so, he took his second Olympic gold and was 14 seconds ahead of runner-up Patrick Roest.

Nils van der Pol Photo: Bildeberan

Three chances to get medals – Three medals! Swedish curling teams made the pinnacle during the Olympic Games in Beijing.

For the role of Team Eden with Niklas Eden, Oscar Eriksson, Rasmus, Rano and Christopher Sundgren, the tournament ended in the best way. The Olympic gold was the only medal Eden’s team missed on the merit list. After the Olympic bronze in Sochi 2014 and the Olympic silver in Pyeongchang 2018, the men’s team finally reached the top of the podium. The gold medalist got the gold after an exciting match against Great Britain in which Eden’s team won 5-4 after judging.

On the women’s side, Hasselburg’s team has not managed to defend its Olympic gold medal since 2018. The golden dream was shattered after a major drama against Great Britain in the semi-finals. But after a heavy loss in the semi-finals, Hasselburg’s team with Anna Haselburg, Sarah McManus, Sophia Maberg and Agnes Knuchenhauer managed to rise and win the bronze match against Switzerland 9-7.

She was also a Swedish bronze medalist in mixed curling. Oscar Eriksson and Almeida de Waal were Sweden’s first-ever mixed team at the Olympics. After losing in the semi-finals against Italy, the duo won the bronze match against Great Britain.

Swedish curling success in Beijing. Photo: Bildeberan

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Team Eden took the Olympic gold medal. Photo: Bildeberan

Sandra Näslund has won almost everything in the World Cup in Skicross this season. As a result, she entered the Beijing Olympics as a top candidate. A favorite of the 25-year-old.

Until the final, things went smoothly for Naslund, who won all the playoffs. Once she reached the final, she stood on the starting line with Fanny Smith, Marielle Thompson and Daniela Meyer. Näslund immediately took the lead, holding the lead to the finish and taking the Olympic gold. The gold medal was a nice revenge for the 25-year-old who finished fourth at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics.

Sandra Neslund Photo: Bildeberan

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Näslund takes gold after individual races

There were double successes in free skating for the Swedish part during the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Henrik Harlaut has previously won the X Games eight times. Now he can also call himself an Olympic medalist. The 30-year-old impressed in the Big Air final and took the bronze medal after 181 points.

Then Jesper Tjäder took Sweden’s second Freeski medal at the Olympics. Tjäder finished third in the tilt swim, thus taking home his first medal in the tournament’s history.

Photo: Bildeberan

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Jesper Tjäder is an Olympic bronze medalist in hiking. Photo: Joel Marklund / Bildeberan
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