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Annette Norberg after the golden success: "I touched"

Annette Norberg after the golden success: “I touched”

There was a judging in the men’s curling final at the Olympics after 4-4. Sweden and Team Eden had the last stone, but in the past it was already clear that the Olympic gold medal went to Sweden.

They put in a great game, it’s an impressive game, I can’t remember seeing them at any point in time, to be able to do that in such a fragile situation is fantastic, Annette Norberg tells SVT Sport.

How tense were you?

– Sitting and watching gets worse than playing yourself, then all credit to their opponents and the guys and how they came back after a heavy little start, it’s also incredibly big.

“moved a little”

Eden’s team took an Olympic bronze from Sochi in 2014 and a silver medal from Pyeongchang 2018. Gold is missing to this day.

– It’s the medal they missed and now it’s a mixture of joy and relief, I think they feel somewhere.

They are four individually talented players, they have worked hard and are so geared towards, they help and support each other in the curling team you need.

When the gold was ready, Anette Norberg was moved.

You rejoice in it and get a little moving, you know what it feels like when you stand there, the sport gets involved and it creates the feelings, and that’s how it should be.

Annette Norberg herself won Olympic gold in Turin in 2006 and Vancouver in 2010.

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Team Eden took the Olympic gold medal. Photo: Bildeberan

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