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Eden Olympic Gold Medal - beat Great Britain in the final

Eden Olympic Gold Medal – beat Great Britain in the final

Niklas Eden won most things, but of all the successes was losing an Olympic gold medal – so far. Eden’s team beat Great Britain in today’s final and took the Swedish gold after judging.

– It feels like it’s been an incredibly long ride and sloppy losses in a couple of previous tournaments(s). We know there are small margins, but having a little profit feels incredibly cool and is a real relief, says Niklas Eden at Discovery+ after the final.

great swedish game

– but it’s also a lot more joy than I thought I’d feel. After the semi-finals, it was just a relief, but now there is an incredible amount of joy and emotion, he continues.

Eden’s team played great matches and managed to take the helm early in the final. In the third round, the Swedes stole a point and advanced 3-1. Then Sweden continued to play in a controlled manner but made mistakes twice in the seventh round, and the British team, who participated in the match more and more, drew 3-3.

Before the 10th round, Sweden was 4-3 ahead and the Britons had the advantage of the last stone. Rasmus and Rano, who played well throughout the final, were the same safety and gave Sweden a good position early on. He could challenge the British with a hidden score, but Niklas Eden managed to get rid of him by hitting him himself.

“We won, right?”

The round ended with the last British stone safely placed in the middle of the nest and at 4-4 the match went to arbitration, with the Swedes instead having the advantage of the last stone.

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Near the end of the judging round, Sweden had a point in the nest. Using the penultimate Swedish stone, Niklas Eden managed to hide it somewhat, even if the stone became a bit short. But it was enough for the British not to succeed in getting rid of the points stone and then it was clear – Sweden won 5-4.

Both the semi-finals and the final played an incredibly good and difficult match. We fought to the end and it came down to millimeters in several places in both games. It feels totally sick. I almost asked “We won, right?” , so there were very close matches and there was a lot of emotion, Eden says.