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Situation before Cykelvasan 2023 –

Situation before Cykelvasan 2023 –

This weekend, August 11-12, is Saikalvasan 2023, the time of separation between Chalan and Mora. Such is the case ahead of the biggest mountain bike weekend of the year.

Which races will be held?

VasalopettaIn the footsteps of the fathers from Salen to Mora.

The cycle basket consists of various races of different distances, all with the finish line in Mora:

Friday 11/8: Youth Bicycle Bag32 km, Augsburg 08.00 start (race)
Friday 11/8: Cycle bag open track96 km, Sälen 08.00 (exercise run) start
Friday 11/8: Cycle case 3032 km, Augsburg 2 hrs start (exercise run)
Friday 11/8: Bicycle compartment 4545 km, Augsburg 15.30 start (training race)
Saturday 12/8: Bicycle box 9096 km, Sälen 07.30/08.15/08.30 start (competition/training class)

Saigelvasan’s course follows almost the same route as the winter race.

It also runs Bicycle Mug Sprint Thursday 10/8, 16.00 at the Experium in Lindwallen. It is an exhibition competition between the Nordic countries, where the team that completes the most laps in 30 minutes wins.

As if that weren’t enough, there are two races for kids ages 3-10:
Vasalope Cycle for Kids in Salen Friday 11 August 16.00 at the Experium in Lindwallen.
Children’s Vesalop Bicycle in Mora Saturday 12 August 09.00 from Mora Ice Hall to Vasaloppsmålet.

When will it start?

VasalopettaA full gathering at the start at Perga village outside the hall.

Cykelvasan 90 starts at 07.30 for elite women and 08.15 for elite men.

Perform Saikalvasana where you live

Tobias LiljerothIf you really want to challenge yourself, you can ride the 90km Hemavasan in Hellas outside of Stockholm, the choice is yours.

Can’t cycle to Mora from Salon, but want to be in your body to cycle another 96km? Then you can drive Household mug Choose between 30, 45 or 90 km cycling between August 11-19. Register your race on Vasalope app. Read more about Here is the home mug.

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Where do the participants come from?

VasalopettaDalarna has many riders in Saikalvasan this year. and crown mountains and masses.

All counties in Sweden have registered participants for Cykelvasan 2023. Here are the top participants:

Stockholm – 2030 participants
Västra Götaland – 2025
valleys – 1098
Uppsala – 737
Scan – 645
Gävleborg – 566
Örebro – 529
hot land – 517
Jönköping – 512
Östergötland – 505

Cykelvasan 2023 has participants from 34 different countries. The largest countries besides Sweden are Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

VasalopettaNo, Gustav Vasa will not start. This year too.

What is the weather and surface like?

Storm Hans has caused quite a bit of chaos in recent days, and this unsettled weather looks set to continue into the weekend. Not entirely unexpected, the weather services disagree a bit but it looks like both Friday and Saturday are likely to rain.

However, due to heavy rains in the last few days and the terrain being wet, the organizers had to change the course slightly to justify the conditions. The already adjusted stretch is about the last stretch towards the goal in Mora. As the flows at Hemulan are higher than normal, cyclists will not ride over the temporary bridge there, but instead turn right after the tennis hall at Mora and cycle over the bridge to the campsite. Before reaching the race and finish line, the course follows the cycle path towards the Zorn Museum.

VasalopettaThere is a risk of getting wet in Saikalvasan this year.

In other words, it’s going to get pretty wet on the track, so don’t forget the goggles on your head, and maybe even the wet loops on the chain, or you risk it starting to rattle like your grandpa’s old hip replacement. Even Mora gets half way. It may also be time to reconsider the tires you have on the bike, a pair of soft semi-licks may not be the best choice if they are really slippery.

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A premiere for a classic start

As Hayride was previously able to report, the course has been redrawn and now runs through the classic opening hill we recognize from the massive traffic jams of winter racing. Even this weekend will be crowded, but if you get a free rental, remember not to blow everything on the mountain you already have, you still have 90 km to cycle before you reach the finish line in Mora.

Where can I watch the race?

SVT Live broadcast from Cykelvasan between 07.25-11.30. Let’s see the rest of the match Vasalopetta T.V.

Hayride Photos All As a participant

Richard CroyDon’t miss Saigalvasan 2023 Hayride images.

But most importantly, as usual, HappyRide’s photographer is on site taking pictures of all the riders in the Saigalvasan 30, Saigalvasan 45 and Saigalvasan 90 races. Go to the site on the weekend, search for your starting number and find the picture. You can download it for personal use.