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Proud rights to the Olympic gold team: "a recognition"

Proud rights to the Olympic gold team: “a recognition”

– It’s so much fun, really. Perhaps not to be disappointed, I was sure we would not get it, says Peter Friedrichsen to Svenska Dockbladet at home from Grevlunda.

Along with teammates Malin Barard Johnson and Henrik von Eckerman, he now gets the first fructule of the equestrian sport.

– When you win the European Championship and the World Cup, it’s the horsemen who get tested, and it gets more attention. Peder tells SvD that if you win the Olympics, that’s why you beat Proctcull.

After the Swedish national jumping team rode home for Olympic gold in Tokyo, equestrian sports received great attention, and the team was nominated for the Gerry Prize of the Year and achievement at the Sports Gala – in addition, honored at the Friends Arena. Sweden Horse Exhibition and Equestrian Gala.

Peder Fredricson says the award is the biggest recognition for equestrian sport.

– There are athletes in the arbitral tribunal who think that proctuclear prizes should be awarded for equestrian sports.

– This is absolutely fantastic. This is huge. After an exciting sports year he says that’s the icing on the cake, Malin Barrott, who was at home on his farm when he won the gold medal.

Henrik von Eckermann was at FaceTime via Malin Barard-Johnson’s mobile phone from his farm home in Holland.

– If we do not beat Proctcult now, I do not know how we will beat it, says Henrik.

He also reveals that the trio created a “Bragdguldet chat” after the Olympic gold!

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– On the other hand, we cannot express content. I think it was Malin’s idea. In the beginning, after the gold, we were a little optimistic, but then it was a year where many talented people performed. So it was very open.

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