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This is what Google told us about Android 15

This is what Google told us about Android 15

Robot AI

Google has already presented the beta version of Android 15, but at the IO conference we learned more about how the operating system is developed, and a lot of it was of course related to artificial intelligence.

When Google talked about Android at its Google IO developer conference, it made three clear points. It was about AI-powered search, Google Gemini was your assistant on the phone, and it was finally about native AI on the phone and what it can do.

Later in the week, Google will release more information about Android 15 and the upcoming Beta 2 of the system, but only later this year will the system be released for Pixel Sharp phones and later for phones from other Android manufacturers.

Perhaps most impressive during the presentation was the ability to search using video. Google is calling this project Astra and it should be available on Gemini and therefore Android later in the year.

Most impressive during Google IO

With video to search, you can point your phone at, for example, as Google did during the demo, and ask what a particular part is for, or you can show your recording player and ask why it's not working. In these examples, Gemini then understands the model of the record player, what the problem is with the function and how it can be fixed.

Search using the AI ​​support we've already seen, then in the form of Circle to Search that was introduced in conjunction with Samsung's launch of the S24 series earlier this year. Now this function can also solve mathematical problems and show how to solve them and not just provide the answer. According to Google, Circle to Search is available on 1 million devices today and should be available on even more before the end of the year. However, it is not yet clear whether more manufacturers will be added.

During Google IO, the green Android bot got an AI outfit

The Gemini app is not yet available here in Sweden, but as Gemini becomes a phone assistant, it also becomes more context-aware. For example, if you connect with Gemini while watching a movie on YouTube or opening a large document, it's easy to ask about the content of that particular movie or document. Gemini is located as a floating window above the content you have prepared.

By using local AI on the phone, a number of other problems can be solved. For example, we need to see how the AI ​​specifically analyzes incoming calls so that you can be alerted if a scammer calls and pretends to be calling from your bank. In the example, a warning appeared on the screen when the caller explained that they would help you move your money to a secure account, from your existing account.