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Britain accidentally emails sensitive information to Mali

Britain accidentally emails sensitive information to Mali

Göteborgs-Posten previously reported that millions of emails designed for the US military were sent to Mali over 10 years. Now the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom has also suffered the same fate, according to reports. BBC.

Emails to the Pentagon were sent to Mali because the “i” was accidentally omitted from the email address. A British officer accidentally emailed an address ending in the West African country’s “.ml” domain rather than the US military’s “.mil”.

Less than 20 emails should have been sent to “wrong domain”.

An investigation has been initiated

The Ministry of Defense has confirmed it has launched an investigation after officials accidentally sent emails containing classified information to a close Russian ally. Mali was among six African countries promised free grain exports by Russia after the grain deal with Ukraine ended.

– We started an investigation after a small number of emails were mistakenly sent to the wrong email domain. “We believe they do not contain any information that could compromise operational security or technical data,” a British Ministry of Defense spokesperson said in a statement.

But like their American counterparts, the British share all critical military communications in another separate IT system.

“The Ministry of Defense continues to review its processes and is currently implementing a work plan to improve information management, data loss prevention and control of sensitive information,” the spokesperson added.

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