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Right-wing extremists and friends of Putin want to form a new group for the European Union

Right-wing extremists and friends of Putin want to form a new group for the European Union

Who takes whom? A few days before the European elections, frantic contacts are taking place between far-right parties to form new alliances.

In the European Union Parliament, members meet in so-called party groups. At least 23 members from seven countries are required to form the group. It is in the parties' interest to cooperate: belonging to a party group brings more money, speaking time, and important positions.

Today is Europe Far-right parties are divided into the ECR party group, where the Swedish SD Party is based, the ID, where the French National Assembly is based, and until recently also the Alternative for Germany party, the AfD.

A few weeks ago, the AfD was expelled from the identity group. The last straw that broke the camel's back for Frenchman Marine Le Pen was when German candidate Maximilian Krahe received the Italian nomination. Interview He said that SS soldiers were not necessarily criminals.

A few weeks ago, one of Krah's employees was arrested on suspicion of providing information about the European Union Parliament to the Chinese intelligence service. Krah himself has been questioned by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation about possible financial links with Russia.

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Although a lot However, due to scandals, Maximilian Krah was not excluded from his party. As the first name on the electoral list, he is essentially guaranteed a seat in the EU Parliament in the coming period. Today, the French Development Agency has nine EU members, but is expected to double its mandate.

According to sources POLITICO Krah is now trying to create a third-party group on the far right, and is holding talks with the Polish Federation, Our Hungarian Homeland, the Dutch Forum for Democracy, the Slovak Republic, and the Bulgarian Awakening (Renaissance).

There are small parties that are more radical than the large far-right parties in every country. The Swedish party moving in that constituency is Alternative for Sweden.

Many parties The diverse crowd is pro-Russian and highly critical of the United States and NATO. Some of them are conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites. Otherwise, they resemble the Council of Europe and the Identity Party in their criticism of immigration and the EU.

In parallel with the AfD's attempt to create a third party group, other attempts are being made in the opposite direction: instead to bring together far-right parties into the same party group. According to forecasts, ECR and ID combinations will be The second largest In the European Union Parliament, after the conservative liberal European People's Party and before the Socialists and Social Democrats.

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