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Magda wanted to help me with the EU elections

Magda wanted to help me with the EU elections

Inside me live two wolves. The lone wolf is preoccupied with political drama, and perhaps the ups and downs in general. She conducts polls and thinks the funniest thing in the world is when things go wrong for the opponents. He is a wolf who loves power, competition, harsh words, and anger. He is the electoral wolf.

I've let my wolf pack run wild for months, and recently I lost it completely. There are so many options this year! EU, USA, UK, and probably many other things that the stressed inner wolf doesn't have time for. In every election there are humiliations, embarrassing mistakes, and failures that my wolf laughs at.

Sometimes the good wolf tells the electoral wolf that he needs to think more about his “why.”

I won't pretend to care much about India, but when the votes were counted there and things turned out worse than expected for Modi, the loser, my electoral wolf danced in the moonlight. I'm really worried that the campaign wolf will be exhausted in time for the European Commission this summer, because I need him then. No one can make me feel like “my team is going to crush everyone else” like the wolf pack. I point out KD's opinion characters, and my wolf bullies them like Tengil bullies Katladraken.

Many would call this wolf evil, and I partly agree with him, or rather…there are many signs that he can sometimes engage in a little bad behavior. But I need it. It can be very difficult when racists and their little agents seek to gain people's trust. It is important.

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At the same time, I can't hide the fact that I sometimes worry about this wolf. I don't think it always feels good. Sometimes I want to hold his head in my hands like a Border Collie, look into those fiery yellow eyes and say: “You're not just angry. You're sorry too. You're sad about what's happening at home, in Europe, in the world. Dare to Feeling.”

You're not just angry. You're sorry too.

Not to sound like an environmentalist, but there's also a cute wolf. Politics is not considered a sport. She struggles with her daily union work, works as a security guard at her workplace, listens to Lana Del Rey and learns what is truly important in life.

Sometimes the good wolf tells the election wolf that he needs to think more about his “why” for being there. The good wolf votes, of course, but he says politics is about people, not polls. The campaign wolf is running in frenzied circles, screaming with joy that the Liberals might end up under the bar. Instead, the gentle wolf points with his painful paw at Vårdförbundet's open letter “Our blow is your blow.” She says “We are there when your children are born, we care for your family when you sleep, and we hold your hand on the day you die. We love our jobs, but that's enough…we're on strike for you. We want to be able to be there for you throughout life when you need it. Now we need your support.The wolf of the election campaign gets goosebumps, but he doesn't dare say it. “It's okay to cry,” says the cute wolf.

Once again, the nurses and midwives saved us.

“There's only one problem for Jimmy Acheson, and that's the truth,” Magdalena Anderson said recently. Maybe she mostly wanted to put on a good show, but I wonder if she also wanted to help me with my inner wolf drama. The only thing that can truly stop the far right is the good wolf, who patiently works for a better society every day, and who doesn't just scream on the campaign trail.

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The Wolf Campaign calls nurses superheroes every day of the week. But in order to find a dignified solution to the crisis that led to the strike, a good wolf is needed. The issue most important to voters is health care. It's more important than immigration or integration or people exchanges or whatever the right talks about while they ignore or actively sabotage health care. And so the nurses and midwives saved us again. Somehow they know when we need to cry a little. Feel moved by the greatest thing in existence. Tame the electoral wolf, and remember that politics is not the only one.

If things go very badly on Sunday, I hope the good wolf can calm the campaign down. Pray for all three of us as we sit and talk to ourselves at the vigil near you.