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Surveillance images show how the doctor moved before disappearing

Surveillance images show how the doctor moved before disappearing

It was around 1.30pm when TV doctor and “5:2” expert Michael Mosley left his wife on the beach of Agios Nikolaos on the island of Symi to go for a walk alone.

A photo taken from a surveillance camera 20 minutes later shows that Mosley managed to reach the nearby village of Bidi, where he was seen walking down the village's main street with an umbrella over his head. The image enabled emergency services to rule out that the doctor was injured somewhere along the road between the beach and Bidi, a distance of less than two kilometers where search efforts have been focused so far.

The police chief who is coordinating the search told the newspaper that the photos will help us narrow the scope of the search, but they will in no way solve this mystery. Watchman.

Photo: Reuters

According to the BBC, others showed Surveillance footage from a building on the outskirts of the village shows Mosley, wearing a blue hat, polo shirt and shorts, walking down a mountain road leading to the central parts of the island at around 2pm.

After that, all tracks stop.

Someone from the local Emergency services that BBC The person I spoke to says the road is difficult and it's easy to get lost.

– It's a battle against the clock. It could be anywhere.

The search operation has been continuing since Wednesday evening, reinforced by rescue teams from Athens and Rhodes. On Friday, divers began searching the waters surrounding the island with the help of the Greek Coast Guard.

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– I think it is important that we now focus on the sea, says the mayor of Symi, Eleftherios Papakalodouka.

– Simi is very young. It is difficult for a man to disappear in such a narrow place. The other scenario is that he left the island, but these possibilities are also not great because no boat ticket was found in his name, he continues.

Michael Mosley in Sweden 2018.

Photo: Anna Karin Nelson/TT

The mayor set a Monday deadline for applicants to local emergency services. Further assistance from the UK or national Greek authorities is required to continue research efforts.

Michael Mosley became famous All over the world after the launch of the book “The 5:2 Diet”. The book became an international bestseller and popularized the diet of the same name globally. He has hosted numerous British television programs and was named Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association.

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